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MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump (Ala Carte)

MadeToTravel Double Breast Pump (Ala Carte)

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MadeToTravel, with Turbo Levels, for customisable pumping sessions to save you time. Designed to help new mums and even seasoned breast feeders to pump faster, and live more.
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  • LoveAmme Breastpump

  • LoveAmme FlexSkin™ Breast Shields

  • LoveAmme FlexSkin™ T-Joints

  • Bottle Stand

Product Features


Every pumping phase can be precisely optimised to the flow of your milk during your pump session, with Turbo Levels for a supercharged pumping session.

Faster Letdown

The only breast pump with 2 stimulation phases - choose between Stimulation and Dual Stimulation to enable faster letdown.

Unrivalled Pumping Comfort

When used with our FlexSkin Breast Shields, we offer a gentle pumping experienced - even while you enjoy the most optimised pumping experience, ever. Custom-fit FlexSkin Breast Shield options are available separately for all breast shapes and sizes, even for mums with flat or inverted nipples.

Protects your Precious Milk

Our pumps are designed as closed systems - it has a complete barrier between milk collection components and the pump mechanism, to prevent your milk getting contaminated by external germs and bacteria.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Our pumps are made for pumping on-the-go with an in-built rechargeable battery. It can be easily recharged using any USB power options, including powerbanks.

  • Stimulation Phase

    For additional stimulation to achieve letdown if you have difficulty doing so with Expression Phase. Many breast pumps over-stimulate the nipple during Stimulation Phase, resulting in reduced yield over time. Wide range of 6 levels to choose from.

  • Dual Stimulation Phase

    With a unique suction rhythm, this 2nd stimulation phase is designed to help mothers who have difficulty achieving letdown. With 2 Stimulation Phases to choose from, MadeToTravel provides better stimulation for faster letdown, and also helps to relieve engorged breasts. Provides 8 Standard Levels + 8 Turbo Levels.

  • Expression Phase

    Suitable for stimulation through to expression. Our 8+8 levels in this Phase are researched for extraction efficiency – with streamlined combination of suction rhythm, length and strength. Empty your breasts in a shorter time.

  • Deep Expression Phase

    A specially designed phase for deep and more complete extraction of hind milk, which feels just like breast compression during pumping. This mode also helps mothers with inverted nipples with stubborn milk reservoirs. Comes with 8 Standard Levels + 8 Turbo Levels to choose from.

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Customised Comfort and Convenience

To pump in first class comfort, custom-fit your individual breasts with LoveAmme’s FlexSkin breast shields, available in 6 sizes. The soft material conforms to your contours for an extremely comfortable and spill-free pumping experience, even for moms with flat or inverted nipples.

Our T-Joints let you pump directly into the milk bottle of your choice – it is compatible with Philips Avent, Pigeon, Tommee Tippee, MAM and other leading baby bottle brands

Borne out of 30 years journeying with mums and babies, MadeToTravel, with Turbo Levels, is quite possibly the most efficient breast pump in the world. It is designed to help new mums and even seasoned breast feeders to pump faster, and live more.