Singapore Airlines x Mimosa

The Upcycling Project breathes new life into materials from Singapore Airlines, including parts from retired aircraft and inflight service items. Bringing together homegrown and international brands in a creative collaboration with us to produce a range of exclusive lifestyle and fashion products.

Each product is a collectible, available in limited quantities and pays homage to our iconic fleet. Bring home a piece of Singapore Airlines with you today!

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Lactation Consultation

No mum left behind;
LoveAmme’s consultations seek to empower mums with the relevant knowledge and support to provide for their babies.
From clogged ducts, mastitis, low milk supply to sore nipples and more, each session is thoughtfully tailored to your needs for optimized breast pumping experiences.

What We Offer

We offer virtual and physical consultations,
so you can learn all you need in the comfort of your own home.

Virtual Consultation

A meeting link will be sent to you 2 days before the consultation. Our Breast Pump Consultant will assess your problem areas and help you with your issues over Zoom.

Durations and Price

Physical Consultation

Our Breast Pump Consultant will go to your place (according to the address provided) to assess your problem areas and help you with your issues.

Durations and Prices

Our Breast Pump Consultant


Collaborating with leading breast pump brands for over 11 years, Drey has amassed a wealth of expertise in tackling common breast pumping challenges. With over a decade of personal breastfeeding experience as a mum of three, she also intimately understands the highs and lows of motherhood.

Merging her profound personal insights with professional proficiency, Drey has supported many mums with care, compassion and tailored solutions that work.

Terms and Conditions

  • Consultations are non-refundable. We are able to accommodate changes in your schedule right up to 3 working days before the confirmed consultation date.  
  • For delayed appointments, please note that there will be no extra time for make-up.
  • No time extensions allowed for consultation sessions. Kindly book another session, should you require more time with the consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions